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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What is Tinted Moisturizer

photo-(11)Tinted moisturizer is a type of facial makeup that combines the benefits of foundation and moisturizer. More sheer and "breathable" than traditional foundation, it offers cosmetic benefits that regular moisturizer cannot. Tinted moisturizers offer a middle ground for those who dislike thick makeup but still want a hint of coverage, and they have become popular because of their light feel and natural look. Like foundation and moisturizer, tinted moisturizer can be used as a base for other cosmetics, but many women choose to wear the product alone.

Jean D’Arcel tinted moisturizer has a delicate mattifying transparency, which emphasizes the natural, fresh complexion. Light-reflecting pigments conceal small imperfections while moisturizing factors strengthen the natural protective functions of the skin and show anti-aging qualities. Application: After cleansing the face and neck and spread evenly.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Pumpkin Glycolic Peel Facial - Schedule today!

Fall Pumpkin Glycolic Peel Facial $95.00

Rejuvenate your skin with Ma Jolie’s Pumpkin Glycolic Peel Facial for the Month of October. This light, gentle peel is a product intended to have an immediate effect in softening the stratum corneum and eliminating impurities and dead skin cells. The Glycolic Acid in our mask transforms dull lifeless complexions into youthful skin that radiates.

Pumpkin is a Rich NATURAL Source of Antioxidants and Enzymes that act like alpha-hydroxy acids. It has been known for Years that Alpha-Hydroxy Acids promote smoother younger looking Skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. Pumpkin also contains over 100 beneficial nutrients, which may be used to help reverse the signs of aging.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hormonal Acne

    4413201_11379_$2013_01_14_19_51_56_9798Hormonal Acne can be a distressing and frustrating problem. First things first you need to recognize when and why this occurs. Get a pen and paper and write down the answers to when you first started seeing the changes?
    • age, month, if it’s the same time during the month
    • a change in exercise level
    • a change in eating habits
    • a change in medications/vitamins
    • stress
    • change in residential location
    • Anything new to your lifestyle
          Discuss with your Esthetician or Dermatologist to help conclude what might be causing the change in your skin.

          · Excess sebum, or oil gland, production (influenced by hormones).
          · Skin cells that shed become abnormally sticky and accumulate, or clog up, in the hair follicle (influenced by hormones).
          · Skin inflammation.
          retinolcreamOne very important step to your at-home skincare regimen is to moisturize. Acne patients often make the mistake of not moisturizing because they equate the oiliness on their skin with moisture. These are not the same thing, and it is important to prevent dryness. Think about it. If your Stratum Corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) is dry to the point of no breathing room, how will your pores be able to escape the congestion it has built up? I recommend Ayur-Medic Retinol Cream. This time released Retinol at 4% is a form of Vitamin A that plays an important part in anti-aging, resurfacing, and rejuvenation of the skin. It helps to diminish pore size, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation. Excellent for mature skin that has a tendency towards hormonal breakouts. Recommended as a night cream. You can purchase this product at Ma Jolie Salon & Spa.
          The start of beautiful skin is a consistent skincare treatment and at-home regimen.

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