Thursday, January 6, 2011


Inque Nails
A unique nail find of nail art you basically stick and heat it on.  It can be as UNIQUE as "YOU" make it.  Digitize your nails with your favorite art.

Here are some facts:
What are Inque nails made out of?
Vinyl! The nails are vinyl wraps. Pretty close to the same stuff that you see on the sides of busses with really cool graphics on them. The vinyl conforms to the contour of your nail and is flexible in order to "wrap" the nail surface to avoid wrinkling. Vinyl is also very strong and durable. It can handle the riggers of life. The vinyl we use is printable with solvent ink jet printers, so we can print just about anything you want on it. 
Why should I "size" my nails?
The registration process allows us to custom design the outline of your nails for you to ensure a proper fit. It also allows for proper allignment of graphics on the nail and provides a design template and reference during the "create your own" process. It also minimizes and simplifies the application process. Once your nails are "sized", we can produce produce new sets of nails for you anytime you like.
Do I have to "size" my nails every time?
No, just once. If your nails grow or break, just use our "sizer" tool to adjust them to the proper length.
What prints are available with Inque?
Anything you want! That is right, if we don't have a print for you to choose from, you can make your own. Even make your own French Mani if you want. This is the fun part, with no limitations, so Be Creative!
How long will my Inque nails last?
Like anything else, this depends on the wear and tear that you put your fingers or toes through. In general, with normal activity they should remain in relatively good shape for 1 week on your finger nails, and 2 weeks on your toe nails. Much of this depends on a successful application, so see that answer also. See the next question also. But it is also important to know they will last through many rigorous activities such as Kayaking, triathons, and running events. So, you shouldn't feel you have to be apprehensive about your doing certain activities.
What causes Inque nails to last?
About the only thing that will cause the nails to come off is pealing it back (just like a sticker peals back). for this reason, the length of time they stay on depends on your lifestyle. We advise, for longer life, to be careful about using your nails as tools for scratching rough things, wedging, prying, and that sort of thing can peal back the sticker from the nail. Because it is vinyl, the sticker will stick back in place and continue to last if it is pealed back, but this will only work a few times. Also, filing or cutting any "over hanging" vinyl from the end of the nail is a good idea to prevent it from catching on anything. 


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