Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YOU ASKED… The Camera that captured my last photos!

Some of you asked what camera I used to take these photos. I ended up renting one because
  1. My camera had broke awhile back and I’m still trying to save $$ to get a new one this was the day/weekend I HAD to have one.
Thank goodness for!
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Who ever came up with this idea was brilliant! is a company that rents cameras and lenses, etc at a very reasonable cost. BL has locations all over and you can have them ship it or you can pick it up. Thanks to BL, I was able to capture a very special weekend…My husband’s 50th! (You can see my priceless moments within the albums shown at the links below) ALSO what an awesome idea to try out a camera and/or lens or any equipment prior to spending that large $$ to make sure what you are buying is exactly what you want. Or if you know you are only going to use something once in a blue moon, then rent it!
I had my eye on a CANON EOS 7D SLR DIGITAL CAMERA and at a cost of close to $1500 I just haven’t been able to come anywhere close to reaching that $ amount!!  I also only have the need for the one and only lens (Thanks Lynn for introducing me to this one-It rocks!!) for the general photo shoot which is a Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM Autofocus Zoom Lens For Canon Cameras-this will get up close and very far away. Unfortunately BL only had the 18-200mm available but as you can see it did the job and it did it well; however, I can see where the extra 50mm would have come in handy. I wish there was an 18-300mm but so far I haven’t one.

After almost two years living WITHOUT a working camera and the $$ for CANON EOS 7D which is far more then I can afford and the reason why I haven’t been able to buy one yet, thanks to BL and after renting the Canon EOS REBEL T3I DIGITAL SLR, I I decided that at almost ½ the cost I just might have my eye on this one instead. I just can’t handle NOT having a camera. There is so much in life to capture and I’m missing out on way to many memories not having one.


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